Gambling in India in Cricket

Gambling is done not just in casinos but many a time through some sports also. Today in this article, we will talk about one of the very prominent sports or games that is cricket and its uses for gambling in India.

India is the country, where people love games a lot. Due to its large population, you can find a great fan following for almost every game. However, if you would want to know which game is most popular in India, it’s obviously cricket. There are many other games, which can be taken as a larger number of fan following like kabaddi, hockey, tennis, etc. But when we want to know the largest number of people attached to any game, the name comes as cricket only.

Due to this reason people in India do gambling or betting in cricket mainly. For this purpose, they just bet on the players or team and they just don’t directly play the games as a bet. But let me correct myself. At many places, even players and teams play the game as gambling and the winner takes all the money from the bet. You may also call it winning a prize. Because of this reason, people not just bet and gamble in cricket but they also develop a special type of attraction towards this game.

In India, if you ask children which player is their role model, most of them will tell you the name of any cricket players. The reason behind this is that Indian cricketers are considered the most famous cricketers not just in India but also in the whole world.

There are many cricket tournaments that are popular not just for the tough battle and interesting matches but also for the most number of gambling done in those tournaments. Some of these tournaments are IPL, One-day international world cup, t20 world cup, ICC champions trophy, and others. During these tournaments, everywhere in the country, you may easily find people talking about some particular match of that tournament, player and betting done on that match.

Thus we can say that India is a leading country where not just the number of cricket lovers but the gamblers, who use the crickets matches to gamble, you can easily find. They can be found not just offline but also on social media and many sites you would see the news about that mainly, all the time.

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