What Do Gamblers Consider In Themed Slots- RTP Or The Themes?

Themed Slots

What is essential in an online themed slot game, the theme of the slot game or RTP? Read on to find out what experts recommend and what usually happens.

With so many themed slots released in online casinos worldwide, gamblers are indeed getting a visual treat. With so many rewards, any modern online themed game slot has whole storylines, popping sound, and graphics. Moreover, you can also get a chance to play a slot game based on your favorite movie or video game, or TV show.

But, for themed slots, often players become confused between choosing the theme and the RTP. While some games come with higher RTP, promising better returns, others have your favorite theme. As per experts, both are equally important.

Why is RTP Important in Slot Games?

 In the case of any online slot game, the RTP does matter. If you play a game with higher RTP, say more than 90%, you have a better chance of winning. Games with higher RTP allow you to receive more rewards while getting a better weathering edge. Hence, you end up earning more than lower RTP slots. Even in themed slots, the games with an RTP value of more than 95% are ideal.

If you are looking for long-term gambling sessions with better returns, you have to consider the RTP properly.

Besides that, you also have to take a closer look at the game prize and jackpot. If you play for the jackpot, check the RTP and the prize money to determine the variance and volatility of the game.

Going for a slot with Lower RTP may be ideal for short-term gambling. But, it casts down your chances of collecting small winnings. Hence, if you are willing to manage your bankroll correctly to gain a positive ending note, go for themed slots with higher RTPs.

Is the Theme Important too?

Well, it is not for every gambler. If some is playing an online slot game for fun and some extra rewards or recreational purposes, they can go by themes. Themed slots are known for their aesthetic appeal and immersive gaming experience. So, if you are looking for some short time, fun, going only by the theme is enough for you. After all, who does not love playing a game on their favorite fictional character or movie or video game?

But, for gaming experts, often, the theme is not that necessary. RTP makes the real difference in such cases, But if you are planning to win big by only playing themed slots, you also have to check the themes. Going for a loss with better graphics and a familiar storyline is always better. Without the engaging graphics or familiar images, you may not enjoy playing a themed slot at all.


It is better to balance the RTP and the slot game’s theme. Find a themed slot of your preferred genre with better RT to ensure you win better with a fulfilling slot gaming experience.

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